Panchayat Empowerment: Micro planning, training, monitoring committee, SMC (School Management Committee )


Energy Sector: Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan established the solar charging stations in 10 far flung villages across the forest, where there is no possibility of electricity connection. With efforts of Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan today 500 households are being lightened with sustainable solar energy source and getting benefited as they are enabled to invest more time for study and other livelihood support activities.

Health and HIV/AIDS: After finding that there are several affected patients and Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan established 473 condom depot and made community aware about the risks of HIV/AIDS and unprotected sex. Approximately 400 volunteers have been trained to further spread the message and awareness about HIV/AIDS. Within a one year Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan facilitated identification of new 1474 infected persons, who have been referred for suitable course of action and medication.

Land Rights Advocacy: It was found aftr observations that Block Madawara is the most backward block of the district and landlords and influential have had control over not only common resources but also on the land allocated to tribal and poor community members. With efforts of Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan hundreds of people retrieved rights over their own land. Between 2003 to 2010, 553 households got their rights over 1357 acres of land, which amounts approximately to 6.58 crores.

PRI Empowerment: In tribal dominated villages, even tribal PRI representatives were not able to function independently. They had to work under the influence of powerful individuals. Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan put its efforts to build the capacities of the PRI representatives and now quite of them are able to take their own decisions. IN addition, more schemes are being extended to the tribal and marginalized community members. Organization has decided to focus its efforts further on PRI strengthening during next Five years 2015 to 2020

Education: When Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan initiated its interventions in Madawara, there was significantly low literacy rate. Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan initiated its actions on education front and formed 204 school management committees and trained 1466 members to improve quality of education. Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan also made women literate with help of TARAAkshar programme. 156 women have been benefited with the programme

Agri Based Livelihood enhancement Programme: With support of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai, Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan had initiated the watershed based programs. In short duration of two years, it has been successful in extending the improved cropping practices like SRI, SWI, DSR, farm ponds and field bunding etc to 1752 households. There have been 500 direct beneficiaries households of the programs.